Virgin Hotels offers "exclusivity for all" with The Commons Club.

Taking a cue from private clubs like Soho House—which now has outposts from Berlin to Chicago and Toronto—and cool hotel hangouts like the Ace, the first hotel under Virgin’s affordable-meets-aspirational banner houses a Commons Club. Offering “exclusivity for all,” the Commons hosts a “roundtable of ideas and indulgence” at a nightly social hour and includes a restaurant, bar and study area. Virgin marketing also taps into easyHotel lingo with the promise of no surprise fees and free wi-fi.

The first hotel occupies an old art deco bank building in Chicago. Virgin plans to open a Nashville branch next year and expand into New York City in 2017, all featuring a “vibrant and inclusive environment for travelers and locals alike.” The proposition of accessible yet clubby is a smart way to target sophisticated yet budget-conscious Millennials, especially as hotels compete against Airbnb hosts in offering value and memorable experiences.

Image credit: Pinterest