Brands use London Fashion Week to sell in real time, the rise of “Micro-Tinders", how Millennials are influencing luxury

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Forbes reports on how some brands are harnessing London Fashion Week as an opportunity to sell their lines in real time.

CNBC explores how Millennials are influencing luxury.

-83% of the U.S.’s hyper-affluent consumers purchased luxury goods online in the past year, per MediaPost.

Pew Research looks at the top skills U.S. adults say kids need to succeed in life.

-With foodie culture on the rise, Skift offers a look at the growth of food tourism.

The Washington Post asks, What happens to our memories when most of our lives are played out online?

-Facing financial woes, beauty brands are turning to the opportunity in multicultural products, per Business of Fashion.

-Increasingly Chinese Millennials are foregoing traditional matchmaking services and opting to marry for love, reports NBC News.

-More African-American parents are homeschooling their children to avoid racism in the school system, per The Atlantic.

TechCrunch explores the rise of “Micro-Tinders”—niche dating apps for whatever you’re into—and what they say about modern romance.

-Another nod to the increasing relevance of food in culture, a Napa music festival is adding a stage reserved for chef and sommelier showcases, per The New York Times.

-“That unwholesome and downright illegal activity called counterfeiting is likely to become one of the major reasons why 3D printing will be a major growth industry in the coming years,” declares Wired.

-In a Wired piece on emerging classifications of human sexuality, Kat McGovern writes, “We presume that freedom of sexuality is a fundamental human right. But the idea of freedom from sexuality is still radical. It is an all-new front of the sexual revolution.”

Science of Us explores how mindfulness can affect sleep patterns.

-As we noted in our 10 Years of 10 Trends report, companies will increasingly offer incentives or deals to customers for sharing data—AT&T is one example, giving users reduced prices in exchange for their consent to receive targeted emails.

The New York Times reports on introvert tours—excursions structured to balance group and alone time and allow introverts to connect with their environment. Another example of brands offering hyper-personalized experiences.

-In line with our Proudly Imperfect trend, BuzzFeed explores the rise of models with disabilities at this year’s NYFW.

-A Medium op-ed teaches Millennials the lost art of phone etiquette.

Bloomberg reports on the “cat content wars.”

Image credit: Forbes