Marketing to Gen Z, the implications of #thedress, staying on the right side of A.I.

MediaPost offers up tips for advertising to Gen Z and examples of brands that are doing it right.

-Ahead of Mobile World Congress, The Verge spotlights 10 things to expect from the tech-stravaganza.

The Sunday Times reports on how to stay on the right side of artificial intelligence.

Adweek spotlights JWT’s Culture Muscle research, which measures brands’ cultural relevance.

Forbes explores new iterations of the South Korean beauty wave, one of our Future 100 trends.

-“Men’s fashion wants its moment,” declares The Wall Street Journal.

-Apple’s finally diversifying its emojis, per The Next Web.

-Ruminating on #thedress, The Atlantic asks, “What are memes if not games? … They invite us to participate, to adapt, to joke, to create something together, under the auspices of the same basic rules. That is not a small thing.”

Adweek’s Kids Issue explores youth media, Gen Z marketing and how to talk to kids these days.

-In The Guardian, author Jacob Silverman takes a deep dive into how constant connection has changed human nature.

The Washington Post reports on the new retirement and how Boomers will revive the economy.

-While the U.S. beauty sector saw a decline in the last year, spending is on the rise among Hispanic populations, per the Chicago Tribune.

The Irish Times reports on the changing image of single women in Ireland—“The spinster is due another upcycle.”

Harvard Business Review surveyed Millennials around the world to find out what they want from work.

-“Why we’re all so stoked for the ’90s,” via Adweek.

The Atlantic explores the power and influence of Boomer Grannies.

Forbes looks at how financial institutions can connect with banking-jaded Millennials.

Well+Good declares Millennials The Meditation Generation.

TechCrunch reframes the People vs. Machines debate: “This is the race with the machine, not against it.”

NPR reports on food waste-reducing initiatives in U.S. universities.

The New York TimesBits gives us the latest in the mobile payments race.

The Daily Beast recounts strange adventures from the fast-growing professional cuddling industry.

-We have officially reached “peak fleek,” according to Brooklyn Magazine. (The previous link might have been a clue…)

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