A study of 50-something Britons shows they are wealthier, healthier, and will live longer than any similar age group in history.

Stretched in every direction, but refusing to be bent out of shape, the modern fifty-something is wealthier, healthier and will live longer than any similar age group in history. That’s why this new study of contemporary 50+ Britons has been dubbed The Elastic Generation.

You will know them as people in their fifties and sixties, but you might not recognize them. Breaking preconceived notions of what it means to age, they form a completely new consumer group–drawn from the all-encompassing and meaningless “Fifty-plus” demographic moniker. Promising massive commercial potential, they are a marketer’s dream. Yet less than 5% of ad budgets worldwide focus on this incredibly important group, and 82% of them don’t recognize themselves in those ads that do.

The Elastic Generation is a comprehensive report for which J. Walter Thompson London has conducted quantitative surveys using SONAR™, J. Walter Thompson’s proprietary online tool. It surveyed 501 adults aged 50-69 (Elastics), 100 adults aged 18-34 (Millennials), and 100 adults aged 35-49 (Gen X) in August 2014. Research also includes two in-depth discussion groups/workshops with 10 subjects in their fifties and 10 subjects in their sixties, as well as expert interviews in sectors including finance, health and wellness, beauty, fashion, policy and more.

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