Live video may be coming to a feed near you.

Live video may be coming to a feed near you, as Twitter has acquired live streaming startup Periscope. Periscope’s app is still in beta, but Twitter is betting on the video tech—the social media behemoth reportedly dropped almost $100 million on the startup. Live streaming seems the next logical step for Twitter, which has become a go-to source for as-it-happens news and updates.

Meanwhile, streaming app Meerkat was launched at the end of February to much fanfare. The stripped-down iOS app allows users to easily live stream video to their Twitter followers. Viewers can then comment on the video in real time. Founder Ben Rubin cites people’s desire for “spontaneous togetherness” as the reason for the app’s early success. “It sounds like the most cliché, cheesy thing ever. But that’s what it is!” Rubin told The Verge. And where consumers go to hang out, you know brands follow…Spotify, Everlane, JC Penney and Starbucks are exploring the app’s potential.

It’s unclear yet which player will prevail in this emerging battle of the video apps, but as Verge writer Casey Newton said, “Live video inside social networks feels inevitable. It’s coming to stay, one way or another.”

Image credits: Periscope, Meerkat