Not everyone loves the Apple Watch, Snapchat takes the runway with upscale brands, social media is ruining your life

-Everyone weighs in on the Apple Watch, from The Atlantic saying Apple’s lost its soul, to Business of Fashion saying the fashion world is unimpressed, to BuzzFeed News contemplating how our lives will (or won’t) change forever.

Fast Company offers a look at the future of education.

-Instagram has surpassed Facebook as the go-to for brands, per Adweek.

The Guardian asks, “Is the era of Big Food coming to an end?”

Marketing talks to Sarah Todd, CEO of WPP’s Geometry Global, about how marketing to women is getting smarter.

Fast Company looks at the last 20 years in gender politics—how far women have come, and how far they still need to go.

-In spite of the colossal growth of e-commerce, the mall may yet make a comeback, per The FT.

-In Aeon, Professor Judy Wajcman reports on the “digital time deficit” and how to reclaim our leisure.

Mashable explores how, in some ways, social media is ruining our lives.

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VentureBeat reports on Hollywood’s decline and the rise of YouTube celebrities.

-Digital marketing is an outdated concept, says Adweek.

-What will the Internet of Things mean for medicine? The Huffington Post weighs in.

The New York Times reports on the proliferation of education apps and what it means for privacy.

Snapchat was a popular choice among upscale brands at this year’s Fashion Week—the app’s ephemerality helped maintain the exclusivity of the runway scene.

Business of Fashion reports on wearable drones and other future fashion.

-Tumblr has become the go-to site for content generation, per The Washington Post.

-In a series on mobile commerce, PSFK talks to CEO Mike McEwan about how mobile is changing the way retailers engage with consumers.

The Washington Post reports on cable TV’s accelerating decline and how networks are scrambling to rework their strategy.

Wired and BNY Mellon present a report on the future of money.

-In light of the recent wave of high-profile business leaders stepping down to focus on family, Fast Company covers work-life balance for the other 99%.

Refinery29 explores “Japan’s weird new beauty trend: looking sick, on purpose.”

Curalate reports on the rise of the male Pinner.

-Bonus: Study finds there are too many studies. (No, this is not a link to The Onion.)

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