Popular brain boosting drugs in Silicon Valley, a look at Latino Gen Zers, the rise of female millionaires in the U.K.

Fusion looks at the “brain-enhancing” drugs on the rise in Silicon Valley.

-2015 is the year of positivity (at least in ads), per Adweek.

-“Beware the pretty people,” says TechCrunch in an exploration of tech’s changing landscape.

MediaPost spotlights Hispanic Gen Zers and how they’ll change the consumer landscape.

BBC explores Gen Z’s tech addiction and what it will mean for the workplace.

-Instagram remains the fastest-growing U.S. social network, per eMarketer.

NPR explores the aftermath of memes and “the right to be forgotten.”

-TV ads can now be tailored to the individual viewer—how long will it take to overhaul the industry? Adweek weighs in.

The Guardian reports on the rise of female millionaires in the U.K.

-A writer for The New Republic ponders teens’ hyper-documented lives and what digital adolescence means for adulthood.

The Week reports on the changing face of luxury in India.

The Atlantic explores trends in plastic surgery over the last 15 years.

-In anticipation of the upcoming Apple Watch, Bloomberg takes a look at the top-secret app development process.

-In a profile on the founder of KakaoTalk, Forbes explores the war of messaging apps.

Adweek explores the “slow TV” phenomenon.

-Connected cars, 5G, smart lighting and more from Mobile World Congress, via CNN.

The Huffington Post reports on e-sports—a million-dollar industry on the rise.

Venture Beat profiles India-based InMobi, a company that lets brands target their ads based on the apps people use.

-India has seen a surge in mobile shopping over the last two years, per Mediavataar.

The Atlantic explores the seemingly endless quest for sustainable coffee.

-“Everything you need to know about online dating,” via The New Yorker.

-Millennials listen to the radio more than any other generation, per Nielsen.

The Washington Post ponders whether Georgian food will be the next big thing.

Digiday takes a look at up-and-coming social apps and how brands should approach them.

-This Mother’s Day, moms want tech, not flowers, per a Bing Ads survey.

-Men’s clothing is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce categories, according to Quartz.

Stratechery explains “why BuzzFeed is the most important news organization in the world.”

-And, case in point, BuzzFeed offers a gallery of the trending quokka selfie. (We couldn’t resist.)

Image credit: Fusion