Why the fashion industry needs to help the environment; Huffington Post teaches brands Periscope marketing

Fast Company explores how Millennials are shaping the future of work.

-“There is no more social media—just advertising,” declares Ad Age.

The Verge hails the return of the album.

-Venture capitalists are flocking to India, hoping to find a successor to China’s retail giant Alibaba, reports The Wall Street Journal.

TechCrunch explores the potential in mobile for enterprise.

-An Adweek infographic compares what Millennials and Gen Z want from brands.

-How to win with mobile video ads, via Adweek.

Huffington Post outlines strategies for brands looking to dive into the uncharted world of Periscope marketing.

-As gender becomes increasingly blurred, men and women are swapping beauty products, reports The New York Times.

Pew Research offers a look at how U.S. Internet use has evolved in the last few years.

-The Power Suit is back! Says New York magazine’s The Cut.

-With Tinder launching its first video ads this week, Ad Age looks at the platform’s potential for brands.

-“Even pretend food is artisanal now,” notes Business Insider in a piece on the new wave of high-end toy food for kids.

-Inexpensive electric cars are on the way, reports MIT Technology Review.

-A Business of Fashion op-ed outlines why the industry needs to come together to find solutions to ethical and environmental issues.

-In light of Facebook’s drone-based Internet project, The Huffington Post considers what the web will look like for the next one billion.

-Millennials are surprisingly conservative when it comes to sexuality, reports The Cut.

NPR speaks to cutting-edge food-tech companies about how to make fake meat taste real.

-Even in a rapidly changing ad landscape, the future still looks like good old TV, says Forbes.

Image credit: Fast Company