Yahoo Travel explores how virtual reality will impact the travel biz while Digiday considers brands’ love affair with emojis.

Business of Fashion explores the oft-overlooked $17 billion plus-size fashion industry.

-“Now is the perfect time to be a female entrepreneur,” says TechCrunch.

TechCrunch looks at why huge tech companies have been snatching up tiny, nimble startups.

-In the not-too-distant future, thanks to wearables, companies will have access to the most intimate parts of our lives, via Fusion.

The Atlantic unpacks our cultural obsession with food.

-With Cuba opening up its borders, The New York Times considers the implications for the fashion world.

-Emotional ads that deliver relevant messages to consumers will win on mobile, says Luxury Daily.

-A Medium writer explores how overworking is impacting our health and well-being.

-Millennials’ infatuation with sriracha is driving a national spice movement, says Money.

Yahoo Travel explores how virtual reality will impact the travel biz, while Digiday declares that VR is at the center of the future of retail.

The New York Times Magazine on “the muddied meaning of ‘mindfulness.’”

-Etsy’s IPO was a testament to a changing business climate that values social good and sustainability alongside profit, says The New York Times.

BuzzFeed profiles Munchery, an anomaly in the on-demand economy that offers workers salaries and benefits.

-In line with our Predictive Personalization trend, Fast Company explores the coming wave of anticipatory design.

Digiday considers brands’ love affair with emojis.

-Print books remain popular among screen-weary Millennials and teens, reports The Guardian.

-Typing is eroding our memory, according to Fast Company.

-Maybe insects aren’t the food of the future after all, says Fusion.

Pew Research looks at how teens navigate social media under the watchful eyes of connected parents.

-Why women aren’t having children, via The Atlantic.

-In a piece on photo curators and our image-overloaded world, The New York Times Magazine writes, “The flood of images has increased our access to wonders and at the same time lessened our sense of wonder.”

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