Ford partnered with indie design studio The Principals to create a haven from the chaos of daily life.

zAt last week’s Sight Unseen Offsite event in New York, Ford partnered with indie design studio The Principals to create the “Dynamic Sanctuary.” The sanctuary is a sculptural space made out of plastic, Plexiglas and LED lights that connect to a heart rate monitor and fade in and out based on the wearer’s pulse. The space was meant to be a haven from the chaos of daily life and a “poetic metaphor for the design ideas behind Ford’s 2015 Edge vehicle,” said Sight Unseen.

“A lot of times you walk around and you have to become desensitized to a stressful environment,” said designer Drew Seskunas. “But as a result you lose a lot of the beauty that’s around you in the world. The idea of this was to make a space that made you wake up and be more aware of your environment and how you feel in architecture.”

Sight Unseen calls this movement the New Escapism—people are seeking well-designed spaces that offer a respite from everyday stressors. And as we noted in our Telepathic Tech trend last year, neurotechnology is becoming more accessible, letting people better understand and direct their emotions. Bio-sensing devices like the Muse headset give wearers a detailed picture of their brain activity and offer exercises to promote desired mental states.

With the rise of wearable devices, brands should think about how the mental and biological states they measure can be reflected not just on screens, but also in architectural spaces and environments in general.

Image credit: Sight Unseen