New apps and services are enabling sophisticated content creation on the go, using only mobile devices.

New apps and services are enabling sophisticated content creation on the go, using only mobile devices. This month at the Cannes Film Festival, L’Oréal Paris launched an app called Twicer that lets users record video, then layer a separate video commentary over it. The second layer, usually a video selfie, appears in the top right corner of the original.

As a testament to how far mobile content creation has come, in March 2015 the BBC challenged itself to film and edit an entire program solely on mobile devices as part of its coverage of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. While the endeavor went “hideously” at first, the team was able to pull it off. It may be only a matter of time before video and audio can be edited to a professional level on consumer mobile devices, bypassing the edit suite altogether.

Early samples from Twicer feature models Liya Kebede and Luma Grothe commenting on a red carpet look and narrating a walk on the beach, respectively. But other use cases for the app are compelling—adding sign language translations to music videos, students commenting on educational footage, creative interplays between the video layers, etc. It’s an interesting space for brands to play in, but L’Oréal—with its 25 million followers—is the No. 1 beauty brand in digital and plans only to expand.

Another example is the video editing tool Sympler. The app, mimicking popular music-production tools, lets users splice together clips and stills, add soundtracks, and even remix other users’ creations. “One of the keys to good videos is the editing process, but the editing process has been traditionally a very complicated process,” co-founder Ben Jenkins told TechCrunch. Sympler is one of several apps that are simplifying the process for a new generation of creators.

And while apps such as VSCO Cam have long helped aspiring iPhone photographers surpass Instagram, new apps like Enlight take photo editing to a whole new level. The app offers the usual range of filters, plus the ability to straighten crooked shots, superimpose photos, add stickers or effects, and even reshape objects.

With smartphones now much more widespread than traditional editing software and equipment, a new era of democratized, professional content creation could soon be upon us.

Image credit: Enlight