Marketing looks at our Gen Z report, exploring their desire for transparency from brands, and Wired explores Oculus Rift and porn.

Marketing looks at our Generation Z report and how brands can connect with these savvy consumers.

-Meanwhile, Adweek warns marketers: “Gen Z doesn’t need you.”

New York considers what IBM’s Watson means for the future of AI.

The FT looks at the rise of women in Lebanese business.

Mashable looks at the spending habits of US Millennial moms.

-“With two-thirds of Chinese luxury purchases now made outside mainland China, the whole world has become a Chinese luxury shopping mall,” says Business of Fashion.

-Meanwhile, new shopping mall space in China is concentrated in interior cities such as Wuhan, Chengdu and Chongqing, as seen in an infographic at Caixin Online.

-In a profile of photographer Chen Man, Business of Fashion explores how “the Chinese fashion industry is awakening to its own identity.”

BizCommunity reports on the state of digital in South Africa, providing marketers with tricks to succeed in the continent’s emerging digital battleground.

-As MENA societies continue to experiment with synergistic cultural elements, Zawya explores how the popularity of Western fashion is taking a bite out of the “dishdasha” business in Kuwait.

The New Republic explores the rise of Slow Computing, a consciousness effort akin to the Slow Food movement.

-As part of the Esquire Predicts series, the magazine speaks to Transhumanist presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan on AI and the morality of robots.

-News organizations may be dropping the paywall, according to Nieman Lab.

Ad Age looks at how facial recognition tech is disrupting marketing.

-Chat apps are becoming major hubs for content consumption, says Digiday.

-Facebook is now hosting news content directly on its platform—The New York Times weighs in on what this will mean for readers.

Vice looks at “digital actors”—3D-rendered versions of real actors that may shape the future of film.

-As the global population gets older, Pew explores how several countries are coping.

-“The future is mobile and apps, except that it isn’t,” says Andreessen Horowitz analyst Benedict Evans.

-A Euromonitor analyst looks at the rising global taste for Asian flavors.

Wired explores the Oculus Rift and the future of porn.

Image credit: New York