Amy Schumer skewers beauty double standards, Chipotle has become the first big restaurant chain to ban GMOs

-A hilarious Amy Schumer parody skewers the double standard behind current obsessions with “natural” beauty. Via Slate.

-Chipotle has become the first major restaurant chain to ban genetically modified ingredients, according to The New York Times.

-However, New York magazine points out that Chipotle’s decision may only add consumer confusion surrounding GMOs.

Nielsen takes a global look at the future of technology and personalized recommendations in the grocery store.

-The Vatican calls for a “full conversion” of hearts and minds on climate change. Via The Guardian.

-In its State of the News Media 2015 report, Pew points out an emerging “mobile majority.”

TechCrunch explores how Tesla is innovating in solar energy.

-Catalogues may seem archaic to some, but Business of Fashion notes they’re still key drivers of business for many high-end brands.

-With once-popular app Secret shutting down, Endgadget charts “the rise and fall of the anonymous social app.”

-The food delivery wars are heating up, with Uber Eats and Maple launching in NYC this week.

Business of Fashion reports on how WeChat is changing China’s media landscape.

TechCrunch explores the effect Silicon Valley’s booming tech biz is having on local neighborhoods and real estate.

-The size constraints of the Apple Watch may lead developers to rely on artificial intelligence, says Wired.

-With the revival of Roots, The Verge says we’re entering a renaissance for black television.

-While South Korea is a relatively small fashion market, it’s “climbing the ranks of Asia’s ‘A League,’” says Business of Fashion.

-As more consumers demand transparency, a t-shirt vending machine turns out to be a window onto the appalling world behind fast fashion. Via The Independent.

-As more creatives engage with DNA, Hong Kong is using it to shame litterers. Via Fast Company.

Image credit: YouTube