Whole Foods is launching a line of stores to cater to Millennials, how Snapchat might affect the 2016 U.S. presidential election

-Whole Foods is launching a line of smaller, more affordable stores to cater to Millennials, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The New York Times reports on how Snapchat might affect the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

-Jay Z and Beyoncé are looking to make veganism cool, says The New York Times.

-Increasing access to healthy food in low-income areas may not actually improve people’s health, per The New York Times.

-Oculus has finally set a release date for its Rift virtual reality headsets: consumers will get their hands on them in early 2016, according to Mashable.

Pew Research reports that highly educated U.S. women are having more babies than they were 20 years ago.

-“Birth tourism” is rising among Chinese mothers in the U.S., reports The Huffington Post.

Wired reports on the coming age of drone vandalism.

Adweek profiles the “fitting room of the future,” equipped with 3D scanners to help you find the perfect outfit.

The Verge explores slot machines and how tech developers design addiction.

Vice looks at developments in virtual reality that let people “teleport” into other bodies.

-The overbrewed Lipton of decades past has given way to a renaissance in U.S. tea culture, reports The New York Times.

-Is 2015 the year that cord-cutting hits the mainstream? Adweek offers stats from IAB.

-As China faces labor shortages, it’s moving toward a robot work force, reports China Daily.

The New York Times profiles the black social media activists who are building the “21st-century civil rights movement.”

The Guardian explores how “corporations and governments have co-opted the idea of ‘social’ for their own ends.”

Fast Company explores a new McKinsey report on the future of manufacturing in a changing industrial landscape.

Google released its Spring 2015 Fashion Trends Report, based on findings from Google Search.

Nieman Lab explores why gross stuff often goes viral.

-As the fashion industry broadens its definition of beauty, is orthodontia the next frontier? Via T Magazine.

Image credit: Adweek