Popular co-working space WeWork will soon launch WeLive—a combination of WeWork’s fun work spaces and dorm-style micro apartments.


Popular co-working space WeWork will soon launch WeLive—a project that combines WeWork’s famously fun work spaces with dorm-style micro apartments. A press release for WeLive describes the buildings as “neighborhoods,” featuring 200+ apartments with shared commercial-grade kitchens and community spaces, along with several floors of office space.

The first iteration of WeLive is being built, fittingly, in Crystal City, Virginia—a town known for its sci-fi underground tunnels that allow residents to “live, shop and work without going outside.”

In the wake of the recession and the shift to digital labor, freelancers, contractors and other nontraditional workers now make up more than one-third of the U.S. labor market, according to a report from the Freelancers Union. Co-working spaces have popped up around the world to fill the need for wi-fi, strong coffee and a sense of community.

“If WeWork can offer a solution to loneliness, it could have broad applications,” said Bloomberg Businessweek of the new model. But WeLive takes this community concept a step farther, effectively erasing the thin line between business and leisure.

Watch for more of these all-purpose spaces—already a company called Novus Residences is touting its planned “E-Lofts” as “a place where living and working seamlessly coexist.” Brands would do well to speak to this rising demographic and offer creative solutions for the always-on worker.

Image credit: Bloomberg Businessweek