Studio Van Lieshout premieres 'The Original Dwelling,' a hybrid home and pool house blending primitive and futuristic design.

For this year’s Design at Large program at the Miami/ Basel design fair, Dutch studio Atelier Van Lieshout has premiered its latest addition to New Tribal Labyrinth, an ongoing series of work imaging design for a future marked by over-consumption and limited raw materials. The new sculpture, The Original Dwelling, is a hybrid home and pool house that takes the form of a cave, blending primitive and futuristic design.

The dwelling contains the typical amenities of a modern home, including a bedroom, lounge area, bar, playroom, and dressing room. Designed to house a small tribe, the fiberglass sculpture also contains numerous skylights and windows to allow natural lighting to illuminate its cave-like walls. Outdoor furniture pieces add a more contemporary look. The overall design expresses a style that Atelier Van Lieshout founder Joep Van Lieshout calls “nouveau Brutalism.”

Van Lieshout juxtaposes past and future to explore the possibility that modern society is slipping backward morally to a more barbaric, narcissistic state. New Tribal Labyrinth “presents a vision of a future, yet primitive, world inhabited by imaginary tribes where there will be different ethics,” the studio told Dezeen.

Referencing a “longing for a primitive past,” as Van Lieshout put it to Wallpaper, the installation expresses nostalgia for a pre-industrial past. Similar impulses have recently spurred the popularity of the paleo diet, among other experiments in “ancestral living.”

Image Credit: Domus