Crowdfunding in Africa, GIF ads, Middle East wearable tech, hipster McDonald's.

-New research from Think With Google profiles millennial dads and why they “turn to digital in their moments of need.”

-Viral video titan BuzzFeed is looking to expand to TV, according to The Wall reamingreet Journal.

-In the wake of Taylor Swift’s showdown with Apple, The New York Times looks at how indie labels are faring in the streaming game

BBC looks at how crowdfunding is taking hold in Africa.

-While GIFs are ancient in internet-years, they’re becoming the ad format of choice as video in general proliferates, per Adweek.

Foreign Policy profiles the “silent revolution” underway in Egypt as conservative cultural norms are gradually upended.

-With popular vegetarian frozen-food brand Amy’s Kitchen expanding into drive-thru, healthy fast food is slated to become mainstream. Via Well+Good.

-As we upload more fragments of our lives, “moments are having a moment” in Silicon Valley, declares Slate.

Mashable looks at how Facebook is evolving its ad format in another effort to keep users in the Facebook ecosystem.

-The solar revolution may be on its way after all, says new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Pew Research charts the decline of the teen summer job – suggesting generation Z may have little control over its spending cash.

-“Can the bacteria in your gut explain your mood?” asks The New York Times Magazine.

Fusion examines the increasing sophistication of facial recognition tech and its implications for privacy.

-From 3D printed jewelry to cooling jackets, Wamda looks at the current state of tech fashion and wearables in the MENA region.

-Robot exoskeletons could transform the future workforce by providing heavy-lifting support to workers, reports Mashable.

-A writer for Medium explores why women’s fashion is evolving “from performative to functional.”

The New York Times looks at how fast-fashion brands have overtaken iconic brands like Gap in the US.

Business of Fashion explores industry trends in lingerie, a $110 billion business.

Mashable looks at Snapchat’s unique advertising format and whether the platform can drive success without targeting.

-McDonald’s, ever-eager to reach millennials, has introduced sleek packaging targeted at hipsters, reports Wired.

The Verge looks at quantified-sex apps and wonders: can intimacy be optimized?

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