Spotify’s new Taste Rewind feature is a music lover’s time machine. It’s a tool designed to help listeners discover “what you’d be jammin’ out to if you were born during a different decade.”


Taste Rewind asks you to choose three of your favorite contemporary artists, then creates a personalized playlist representing each decade from the ‘60s on. Targeting a younger user base, the app plays on Millennials’ tendency to be nostalgic even about eras they never experienced. But it’s also an interesting solution to the question of how to find great songs from the past amid heaps of new-music discovery services.


Taste Rewind launches as the music streaming wars are heating up, with Apple finally entering the game earlier this month. Players in this space are tripping over their heels trying to differentiate—from Pandora launching an immersive concert/radio series with Ford to Spotify creating playlists for running that sync with your stride.

We have yet to see whether one service will reign supreme, but features like Taste Rewind are one way to stand out. Brands would do well to facilitate new music experiences for their fans—according to Spotify research, streamers are twice as likely as non-streamers to “advocate for and feel emotionally connected to brands.”

Image source: Spotify