Adweek aids marketers in guiding the transgender conversation, IEEE Spectrum shows how medical tech is hacking the human body.

-2015 has been a breakthrough year in transgender visibility. Writing for Adweek, transgender advertising industry veteran Chris Edwards helps marketers navigate the gender identity conversation.

-We are spending half our waking lives consuming media, according to a report outlined in Quartz.

-As agencies plan biometric data visualizations for Cannes Lions, Adweek looks at how brands can harness this data beyond applications in fitness.

CNN spotlights American Mipsterz—young, hip Muslims unapologetically embracing their multiple identities.

-With the aid of ubiquitous tech, online sharing platforms and affordable tools like 3D printers, “Afrimakers” are shaking up the African economy, per Harvard Business Review.

Fast Company looks how 3D-printed shoes can move from design curiosity to mass-customized consumer product.

-A report from Pew Research compares how different generations access political news. Meanwhile The Washington Post examines how Facebook news filtering may impact the 2016 US presidential race.

-As China moves up the value chain and away from basic manufacturing, a Business of Fashion op ed considers whether Africa is set to become “fashion’s next sourcing hub.”

-In a special report, IEEE Spectrum examines how in the age of health data tracking, the human body is increasingly seen as an operating system that can be hacked and optimized.

-“This is the age of the Instagram-model,” declares The FT.

The New Yorker looks at how traffic app Waze is influencing global city planning.

-The new consumer experience is all about micro-moments, according to the latest Think With Google report.

-In the midst of slow economic recovery, British shoppers remain cautious, per The FT.

Quartz looks at how social media is impacting religious affiliation among millennials.

-Retail is the leading industry when it comes to digital ad spend, per eMarketer.

Racked looks behind the scenes at some of the most popular resale shops—part of a $16 billion industry.

-With input from artists, record labels and listeners, NPR tries to imagine a utopian music streaming service.

-70% of the global population will be using smartphones by 2020, says Ericsson’s latest mobility report.

The Calvert Journal looks at how Eastern Bloc aesthetics became hugely influential in contemporary fashion.

-“Viagra for women” may revolutionize sexual intimacy, reports The New York Times.

Image credit: Adweek