Beme is a new app that takes a “ruggedly simple” approach to social sharing.

Beme is a new app that takes a “ruggedly simple” approach to social sharing. Launched last week by YouTube celebrity Casey Neistat, the app lets users share raw experiences by taking away the filtering and editing that come with most social platforms.

To send videos using Beme, users simply place a smartphone on their chests—the iPhone’s proximity sensor will capture a 4-second clip and instantly send it to the user’s Beme contacts, removing the temptation to re-watch and analyze the video. Friends and family can then send reaction photos in real time.

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The app is positioned as a way to allow people to pay more attention to meaningful moments as they are happening, rather than becoming absorbed in the filming and posting process. Neistat posed one use-case scenario to The New York Times. “If I’m in the stands at a U2 concert watching Bono, how can I capture this moment without interrupting it and making it fake?”

While the effort to strip social media of aspirational editing is noble, Wired points out the obvious: “authenticity is boring.” The reason apps like Instagram and Snapchat have taken hold is that they offer a more attractive, engaging look at our lives. “Life is usually more interesting when it’s edited and scrutinized before being rebroadcast,” notes the article.

Whether or not Beme takes off, the app speaks to people’s growing desire to live in the moment, rather than glued to screens. Look for more platforms and services that cater to this desire, perhaps with a bit more of the curation we’re used to.

Image source: Business Insider