Here’s our roundup of key takeaways and analysis from this year's Cannes Lions—from artificial intelligence to gender equality.

This year marked the 62nd Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. In many ways the event has started to sprawl into SXSW Interactive territory in terms of big name celebrities, bulging fragmented schedules, and uber-networking. This year was marked by celebrity speakers including Monica Lewinsky, Pharrell Williams, Jamie Oliver, Marilyn Manson and Viola Davis. As with every thought leadership conference now seemingly, much emphasis was placed on big data, the Internet of Things, AI (with Japanese android TV star Matsuko-Roid making an appearance), and questions surrounding these new frontiers. Here the theme was: What does all this mean for creativity? Much of the event has been written about in granular, instantaneous detail. Here is a roundup of some key take-outs and analysis from the event.

Download the free 27-page report here or read it on SlideShare here.

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