The 'Asian-ification of beauty,' African gaming, fashion sneakers and the cereal slump.

Business of Fashion charts the “Asian-ification” of beauty as Asian brands become key global players and influencers.

-In the midst of California’s drought, consumers are adapting cooking to use less water, reports The New York Times.

BuzzFeed looks at the rocky path of today’s cereal brands and how the industry plans to revive itself.

BBC spotlights the bright future of Africa’s gaming industry, highlighting the market’s peculiarities and challenges.

Business of Fashion interviews Iris Van Herpen, a pioneer in “science fashion.”

Ad Age looks at potential use cases for VR in e-commerce and shopper marketing.

New York Daily News profiles the upcoming Muslim Funny Fest—a comedy show that aims to break down stigmas associated with the religion.

Wamda reports on the MENA’s nascent robot revolution—and why it hasn’t taken off yet.

-Vice’s Motherboard looks at Silicon Valley’s race problem and the groups and individuals changing the system.

The New York Times examines how screen addiction is impacting children’s health.

-A writer for The Guardian gives a behind the scenes look at the $62bn Google machine and where it’s headed.

Pew Research looks at America’s graying population and the counties with the highest proportions of over-65s.

-The reality of the global middle class may not match the standard narrative of rising affluence, according to the Financial Times.

-Not only do young kids prefer tablets to TVs, but having their tablet taken away and being forced to watch traditional TV is now a form of punishment, reports Ad Age.

The Atlantic explores “how Nike turned running shoes into fashion.”

The New York Times looks at Amazon’s plans to make a splash at New York fashion week.

Ad Age examines why mass customization is working better for small businesses than industry giants.

-As legal marijuana proliferates, boutique services like curated weed delivery are emerging, per Mashable.

-And hemp has become a surprising key material in home-building, reports The New York Times.

Image credit: The New York Times