Although known as a visual platform, Instagram is cementing its status as an essential outlet for music fans.

Although known as a visual platform, Instagram is cementing its status as an essential outlet for music fans and artists. The social media giant recently launched a new channel dedicated to connecting listeners with established and emerging musicians—@music. It features beautiful visuals from musicians who “are using Instagram as a companion to the art that they’re making,” as Jonathan Hull, Instagram’s head of music partnerships, put it to BuzzFeed.

via Jared Eberhardt : Instagram

Musicians also use the platform as a key way to speak to fans and build hype for upcoming releases. The app’s 15-second video limit makes it a prime way to generate buzz without giving too much away. In the last month, Lana Del Rey has been sharing clips of a new song on a mysterious Instagram account she created using the name of her forthcoming album. The account has garnered more than 180k followers in its three-week existence.


Media queen Taylor Swift has also used Instagram to tease lyrics and song titles for unreleased albums. Sri Lankan pop star M.I.A. has taken to the platform recently to drop cryptic hints to her next artistic endeavor, and Diddy’s latest release has spurred Insta fan videos from the likes of Chris Brown and Snoop Dogg.

Musicians, who run 25% of Instagram’s most popular accounts, are also using the platform to advocate for causes they care about. Beyoncé took to Instagram to rally her fans toward peaceful protest after the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, earlier this year. And Miley Cyrus partnered with the company to launch Instapride—a photo series that celebrates and supports transgender people.


“I think just how many different trans people I’ve had direct message me on Instagram and tell me their stories,” said Cyrus in an interview posted on Instagram’s blog. “It makes me want to continue to shoot more people all the time. …It’s given me such a purpose.”

While it’s no secret that musicians have amassed large fan followings on Instagram, the platform is now deepening its engagement with musicians, which could lead to better opportunities for brands.

Image source: Tumblr