Parisian fashion label Kenzo premieres its collection of unisex fragrances, Totem, that targets younger consumers.

This summer, Parisian fashion label Kenzo premieres its collection of unisex fragrances, Totem. Priced lower than the brand’s other fragrances, the new collection targets younger consumers who value diversity and eschew gender stereotypes, putting the brand in an ideal position to succeed with generation Z.


Promotions for the line feature a diverse group of dancers in the desert coming together as a “united, energetic and creative tribe.” Design, branding, and language around the product are gender neutral, with fragrances described as exuding freshness, energy, and sensuality.

The name of the product also evokes inclusivity, a core concern for generation Z, today’s 12- to 19-year-olds. The totem symbol is “simple, asserted, stands for an identity and gathers people together,” according to the brand. The bottle, designed by Japanese studio Nendo, evokes the shape of a totem pole, and campaign imagery follows suit with eclectic dancers in linear formations. Kenzo’s overall contemporary, progressive image makes this messaging a natural fit for the brand.

Generation Z has a particularly fluid view of gender. The latest report from J. Walter Thompson Intelligence found that 81% of US and UK respondents agree that gender doesn’t define a person as much as it used to. Generation Z rapper and actor Jaden Smith has famously donned skirts and capes at formal events, while teen icon Miley Cyrus has become “an advocate for people across the gender spectrum.” Expect more product launches for the teenage market that reference progressive, inclusive values.

Image credit: Kenzo