While the tiny house movement is a niche phenomenon, a new startup aims to make tiny living mainstream.

The next big thing may be tiny. While the tiny house movement has begun as a niche phenomenon, seen online if at all, Getaway, a new startup from Harvard’s Millennial Housing Lab, aims to make tiny living mainstream.

Millennial Housing Lab

Getaway lets guests rent a 160 ft. cabin in the woods for $99 per night, as a way to “test drive” tiny living. Powered by solar energy, the homes feature basic amenities including a stove, a queen-sized bed, a shower, a sink and kitchen utensils, as well as fun nods to the grownup-camping theme, like marshmallow skewers and firewood. The company currently offers two cabins near Boston and plans to roll out 12 more over the next year.

Millennial Housing Lab

The project taps into several trends that are frequently ascribed to millennials: “We are trading stability for experience,” declares Millennial Housing Lab. “We are seeking community more than luxury. We are delaying marriage, career tracks and all other forms of settling down.” Getaway melds the desire for freedom and adventure with a passion for minimalism and eco-friendly living.

Millennial Housing Lab

While tiny houses are not for everyone, they offer a nice answer to bloated homes and carbon footprints for those with the means, and are only just gaining traction. The creators of Getaway hope their concept can open the door for more people to explore the small life, so that eventually “it won’t be an escape, it’ll be an integrated part of their daily life,” as one of the founders told Fast Company.