Streaming strategies, the right to be forgotten, art in Beirut, foodie meccas, VR camp and moral algorithms.

Ventures Africa explores how Airbnb is set to take the African hospitality industry by storm.

The Washington Post looks at how the “right to be forgotten” movement is spreading from Europe to the US.

The New York Times explores our cultural fascination with Resting Bitch Face and why evaluating women based on likeability is a problem.

-J. Walter Thompson CEO Gustavo Martinez offers tips for marketers looking to resonate with the $1.3 trillion US Latino market, via Campaign.

-Hispanic millennials could be the driving force behind the growth and development of the US food sector, says Supermarket Guru.

-Men are more at risk than women of losing jobs to automation, says The Atlantic.

Adweek looks at Amazon’s strategy in the streaming game, which the brand claims is “more important than what Netflix is doing.”

-While GIFs have long been an internet mainstay, The New York Times looks at how they’re becoming a go-to tool for mobile communication.

The Atlantic looks at the niche sharing economy—smaller-scale groups aiming to embody the movement’s original spirit.

-An Artsy editorial dives into Beirut’s booming art scene, reporting on the spate of Lebanese artists, curators, gallerists and patrons that are exporting the city’s creative name to the West.

-Brand partnerships with social media influencers are a key way to connect with fans—until the pairing reads as insincere, warns The New York Times.

-As foodie-ism becomes a cultural norm, Time Out is building “foodie and cultural hot spots” in Europe and the States.

Re/code reports on the “VR Camp” coming to this year’s Burning Man festival, a blend of tech culture and escapism that seems like a perfect testing ground for emerging virtual reality technology.

The New York Times looks at the “millennial communes” springing up in New York City.

-New research finds that consumers are much more likely to use ad-blocking software on desktop than mobile, creating opportunities for marketers, reports Adweek.

-“Should search algorithms be moral?” asks Quartz in a conversation with a Google philosopher.

-Weed drones might be the next innovation in the budding cannabis market, reports Dazed.

Image source: Ventures Africa