2015 restaurant trends, Twitter and Facebook news, 'rap couture' and the Gap comeback.

-Our worldwide director Lucie Greene weighs in on fashion’s changing gender landscape in The New York Times.

Business Insider looks at how former retail king Gap is revamping its approach for the next generation.

-“Is disability fashion’s forgotten diversity frontier?” asks Dazed.

-Facebook is now a higher source of traffic to news sites than Google, reports Fortune.

-Google is using its store of Google Earth data to launch a project that will help people make the transition to solar energy, reports Vice.

Bloomberg looks at why more young Americans are opting to work part time.

-With Instagram celeb The Fat Jew signing a modeling contract, Style.com ponders whether male plus-size models will finally have a moment.

-Time spent on digital media in the US has grown by 49% in two years, according to comScore data analyzed in The Wall Street Journal.

-New research from Pew Research Center explores how people get their news from Twitter.

Bon Appétit looks at the year’s biggest restaurant trends.

-Millennials are increasingly turning to mobile for banking, reports eMarketer.

-“YouTube is the sleeping giant of livestreaming,” declares Wired.

Adweek compares how different generations use mobile.

Gawker looks at Snapchat’s disappointing 2014 financials and questions its ability to become profitable.

Quartz looks at the rise of “rap couture” as traditional urbanwear has lost its cachet.

-A new study finds that ads featuring sex and violence are less effective, says Bloomberg.

-As consumers seek out experiences over material goods, The New York Times looks at the decline of the department store.

Image source: i-D