A restored UK theme park appeals to millennials' nostalgia and experientialism.

The power of hipster nostalgia has reached a new peak—freshly reopened Dreamland park in the UK is a restored vintage wonderland, complete with a roller disco, art deco cinema, and restored wooden roller coaster in all its “rickety, grinding glory.”


Heralded as “the world’s first heritage amusement park,” Dreamland is finally rolling out its relaunch after a years-long campaign to save the abandoned fairgrounds. With only a small budget from grant money, the restoration team opted for kitsch over thrills, embracing a sensibility “somewhere between rockabilly revival and an anglophile Wes Anderson,” according to Icon.

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The park is playing to millennials’ preference for experientialism, making itself a hub for live music, circuses and other theatrics. Dreamland just announced a mini music festival to take place in its newly refurbished ballroom, headlined by indie darling Foals. The event sold out in less than a week.

D. OPENING DAY 19-06-2015 - 066

The recent project Dismaland, by street artist Banksy, is a macabre take on a similar idea—the theme park as Instagrammable space. Watch for more immersive, sensory spaces from artists and companies alike.

Image source: Dreamland