German luxury spa Villa Stéphanie pampers its guests with a new digital-detox treatment.

German luxury spa Villa Stéphanie pampers its guests with a new digital-detox treatment. Rooms are equipped to block all wifi signals, so guests can enjoy a tranquil, tech-free experience.


Tapping into the Future 100’s “Tech-Free Travel” trend, hospitality brands are devising inventive ways to help new, more mindful travellers control their digital consumption. Villa Stéphanie is one of the newest properties to join the elite European hotel group, Oekter Collection. Situated in Baden-Baden, Germany, the hotel provides a silver switch in each room that guests can flip to block out wifi. The technology uses a grid of copper to block the radio and magnetic waves necessary to deliver a wireless connection. What’s more, the hotel has applied special wall paint that keeps out 96% of any additional external wifi signals.

Since opening in January 2015, the hotel reports that half of its customers have opted to digitally disconnect at some point over their stay. In a world where the average smartphone user checks his or her device over 150 times a day, the success of the hotel’s tech-free arrangement proves people are looking for smart tools to help them to regain control over their digital addictions.

This is not the first time a brand has inspired consumers to disconnect. In 2013, Kit Kat created a “No WiFi Zone.” More recently, Celebrity Cruises announced its Take Care of YourSelfie digital-detox experience, which claims to help guests to reach a better work/life balance.

In this new consumer landscape where people are showing signs of digital fatigue, smart brands can play a pivotal role in helping them to both disconnect from technology, and shape new social norms for the digital age.

Image source: Brenners