The rise of 'fast casual' cocktail bars, insects as food coloring, how packaging 'fools us.'

-As more marketers “go rainbow,” AdWeek asks if we’ll see a rise in LGBT speciality shops.

-Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this week that the social network is adding a “dislike button,” but Wired asks if we really need one.

Punch says the popularity of cocktails made with fresh ingredients and top-notch skills have lead to the rise of “fast-casual” cocktail bars around the U.S.

Wallpaper talks to designer Michael Johnson about his project “How Packaging Works” that spotlights “how packaging ‘fools us.'”

-AccorHotels announced it will open two hotels in Iran, according to Skift.

-With the help of artificial intelligence, The New York Times Magazine says Barbie is going to start “convincing girls she’s a real friend.”

-Snapchat will let users start paying $0.99 to recover old messages, according to Dazed Digital.

-There are bugs in your food and makeup. Wired tells us why.

-“The sharing economy is dead” declares Fast Company.

Food Manufacture reports on a new approach to making red food coloring.

Business of Fashion launches a new platform to centralize coverage of fashion weeks.

Wallpaper previews the 2015 London Design Festival.

-The market crisis in China is impacting Chinese tourism in both the U.S. and Europe, reports Skift.

-Social media plays a huge role throughout the entire customer journey, says eMarketer.

-Retailers can now use software to track a person across multiple surveillance cameras, and MIT Technology Review says they’re using them to improve store layouts.

-As diplomatic relations thaw between the West and Iran, Business of Fashion looks at the Islamic Republic’s fashion market.

New York magazine’s Cathy Horn says with his label Hood By Air, designer Shayne Oliver is “doing something genuinely innovative” in the world of fashion.

-At Marriott hotels in New York and London, customers can take trips around the world through “virtual reality storytelling,” says Skift.

-As people seek more vegan options, Food Navigator-USA says a new algae protein could be the next big thing.

Well+Good looks at a program that allows New York City public school students to take SoulCycle classes.

The New York Times Magazine asks if the Internet is becoming a more “enchanted place” as young people use social media to “cast illusion spells, allowing people to fool the world, portraying themselves however they like.”