Prada has opened a new branch of Milanese institution Pasticceria Marchesi, its first expansion in 191 years.

As collaborations between the worlds of fashion and food continue to multiply, Prada is doing particularly innovative work in this space. The brand received widespread accolades in May 2015 when it opened the Wes Anderson–designed Bar Luce at its new arts and cultural foundation. Now, Prada has reinvigorated one of Milan’s most venerable symbols of culinary excellence.

Image courtesy of Prada

In March 2014, Prada acquired an 80% stake in Pasticceria Marchesi, a pastry shop that has supplied deluxe treats to fashionable Milanese since 1824. Nearly two centuries later, Prada has opened a second location for the brand at new premises on the luxury street Via Montenapoleone.

The new location is swathed in chartreuse velvet, chocolate stone and light-green marble, a look that, as Architectural Digest points out, is drawn from a similar palette as the brand’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Wood and glass cases not unlike makeup counters showcase treats in a range of pastel hues, while a full bar ensures the store will remain popular for the aperitif hour.

Image courtesy of Prada

While Bar Luce is a fantasy of midcentury European elegance viewed through a whimsical American imagination, Pasticceria Marchesi draws on the real and sustained heritage of a nearly 200-year-old brand. It remains to be seen how Prada, with a new look every season, will manage to honor Pasticceria Marchesi’s heritage while keeping it relevant for the brand.

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Image courtesy of Prada