The forthcoming documentary Run It Out profiles a new kind of female role model.

Run It Out, a crowdfunded documentary on track to premiere in April 2016, tells the real-life story of a new kind of female role model who is “completely self-made” and “not a celebrity or famous athlete,” says director Tara Darby.

Run It Out profiles Robin Arzon, a New Yorker in her early 30s who traded in a career as a lawyer to become a full-time runner and writer after her mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The documentary follows Arzon on her journey to run five marathons in five days across Utah as part of a fundraising effort.

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Run It Out by Tara Darby

The narrative speaks to a 21st-century vision of female empowerment. In a Q&A with The Innovation Group, Rachel Pashley, author of the study “The New Female Tribes,” explained that “we need to change the narrative and to celebrate the female achievement more, and to encourage it.”

In 2014, we saw brands creating advertising that celebrates an active, athletic view of women’s empowerment, including Always’ #LikeAGirl and Dove’s “Choose Beautiful” campaigns. Both tackle the issue of confidence in women and explain what behaving “like a girl” really means.

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Run It Out by Tara Darby

With a focus on its protagonist’s stamina and drive, Run It Out is about conveying an honest portrait of strong, inspirational women. “The world can never have enough positive female role models empowering other women,” says Darby.

For more on the shift in female attitudes and representations, read our Q&A with Rachel Pashley.