The $1500 sandwich, high-concept food mags, Snapchat fashion.

–Designers of the hit smartphone art game Monument Valley have taken their ethereal aesthetic into the world of virtual reality. Via The Creators Project.

–Brands gone boozy: Bloomberg sips wine at the first-ever “Starbucks Evenings,” while NPR swings by Taco Bell to pick up a Twisted Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze With Tequila.

–Auto luminaries genuflect before Sir Jonathan Ive as “carmakers see tech rivals in rear-view mirror,” per the Financial Times.

–A man spent six months and $1500 to create a sandwich from scratch, writes The Guardian, and the resulting viral video shows consumers’ growing interest in food supply chains.

–Consumers who distrust mass-market meat are buying whole animals direct from farmers, per NPR.

–As the country slips further into recession, “You cannot just get money out of Brazil anymore,” writes the Wall Street Journal.

Leon magazine is the latest high-concept title to merge food with cerebral visual treatments, writes Magculture.

Adweek profiles a new study that shows when brands should post to optimize their Instagram views.

–And Instagram releases new usage statistics, topping 400 million users. Via Wired.

–Burberry has previewed its spring 2016 collection on Snapchat. Via Harper’s Bazaar.

Netflix uses its data to determine exactly when viewers get “hooked” on TV shows.

–Uber is testing its new carpooling service, UberCommute, in the western Chinese city of Chengdu, writes Wired.

Skift looks at a Harlem company that’s “building a tourism and activities business on the back of Airbnb.”

Bloomberg looks at how beauty retailer Ulta is positioning itself as the “bubbly and bright” alternative to “sleek and chic” Sephora.

–A new Nielsen study profiles African American consumers with household incomes of $75k or more.

–Startup Voxelus is creating a platform that allows nonspecialists to create their own 3D worlds, writes VentureBeat, potentially heralding an era of crowdsourced VR content.

–“Protein is hot, but quality and source matters” for consumers, declares FoodNavigator.

eMarketer looks at which categories are hot in Russian online shopping.

–The Financial Times looks at the buzz and excitement around, which has become “a vast adjunct of the print edition it represents.”

FastCo Design profiles some of the best recent work in data visualization.

–Boomers are “not fans of mobile ads,” per eMarketer.