Halal cosmetics, Barbie for boys, real life meets fake Instagram.

–The rebranding of pot continues with a new visual identity for Snoop Dogg’s new brand, writes Fast Company, while Rihanna is rumored to be launching a line called MaRihanna, says Dazed.

–Mattress company Casper is testing the limits of its “one for all” approach, according to the New York Times.

Vice profiles Ladybeard, a new magazine that pitches itself as an “inversion of a women’s glossy.”

Business of Fashion looks at the market for halal cosmetics, which is set to double to $45 billion by 2020.

–Sephora’s newest Paris outpost is a “smaller and innovative store format integrating online sales,” writes WWD.

–A new mental health app wants to help you express your feelings through electronic music. Via It’s Nice That.

–Mattel “busts gender stereotypes” in a collaboration with Moschino, creating its first-ever Barbie ad to feature a boy. Via Dazed.

–“Is there a plus-size opportunity in men’s fashion?” Business of Fashion investigates.

–Weary of online image maintenance, teenagers are creating private “Finstagram” accounts to share more authentic versions of their lives, writes the New York Times.

–Social commerce is the “third phase” of retail’s digital evolution, says the Financial Times.

–Ikea’s new external innovation lab, Space10, is hosting an exhibition of prototype products in Copenhagen. Via Booooooom.

–Innovations in prosthetics are replicating the sensation of touch, writes Time.

–The word of the year is ?, according to Oxford Dictionaries, which says the pictograph “best reflected the ethos, mood, and preoccupations of 2015.”

–Brands beware: don’t slap “protein” on a product without backing up those claims. The Washington Post shows the consequences for General Mills.

–A new probiotic helps the body absorb iron, rather than simply adding more as conventional supplements do. Nutra Ingredients says this marks a “new approach” in the burgeoning probiotics market.

–Who is the whiskey woman, and why is it time to “retire” her? Punch explores this, shedding light on women and drinking.

–The Financial Times explores the current moment of reckoning for a “bloated” US food and beverage sector.

–Long-acting birth control methods are surging in popularity as women reject the pill, says the New York Times.