A miracle app for delayed flights, the best inventions of 2015, GMO animals.

–The New Stand has opened in New York’s Union Square, offering commuters curated items “to inject some newness into their daily grind,” Wired reports.

–From Casablanca to Chicago and Lagos to Lima, a new study surveys the global state of millennials in 2015. Via Fast Company.

–Travel startup Freebird promises to buy stranded airline passengers any ongoing ticket they wish for a pre-paid flat fee of no more than $34, says Bloomberg.

–Ahead of a deluge of Black Friday discounts, Business of Fashion asks: “Does anyone expect to pay full price any more?”

–As we near the end of a transformative year for feminism, the New York Times profiles the women dismantling rampant sexism in the film industry.

Time rounds up the best inventions of 2015, finding room for hoverboards, gluten-sniffing sensors, and bionic ears.

–Authorities have approved the first salmon with scientifically modified DNA for sale in the United States. Via Reuters.

–Are Americans ready for “Birchbox for your mouth”? Fast Company investigates.

–Hearst Corporation has created Sweet, a new straight-to-Snapchat media brand. Via The Next Web.

–A new fragrance line from MiN New York pairs five scents with five “means of perception,” writes Wallpaper*, the latest fragrance concept to adopt a multisensory approach.

–Odacité is the latest beauty product to draw inspiration from the purported benefits of superfoods, writes Wallpaper*.

–New train interiors by design duo Barber & Osgerby have been revealed for London’s long-planned Crossrail system, and will debut in 2017. Via Design Week.

–When will shoes start to recapture the wasted energy generated from walking? MIT Technology Review explores a new approach.