Brands are using emotionally intelligent services to enhance their understanding of consumers.

This month, Apple acquired Emotient, a start-up that uses artificial intelligence to read emotions through facial expression. Although the company told the Wall Street Journal that it does not “discuss our purpose or plans” when buying smaller companies, it seems likely Apple will use the technology to better understand the relationship between consumers’ emotions and its advertising and products.

Industries already using similar technology include advertising, healthcare, and retail. Affectiva is a facial recognition service that focuses on emotional analysis, using technology to help advertisers understand viewers’ emotional connection with campaigns. The information gathered can help pinpoint when users become captivated or disengaged, and further analysis can help advertisers work out why.

Neuro-Insight is a company that operates in a similar way, using neuroscience to quantify subconscious and emotional responses. The company measures responses by reading brain activity, analyzing reactions to advertisements or products.

Feel emotion tracker by Sentio Solutions

Wearable tech companies are also trying to sell individual consumers on the benefits of using technology to monitor their own emotions. Sentio Solutions launched a new wearable emotion tracker called Feel at CES this year. Feel claims to be the first wristband that measures and tracks emotions throughout the day, and then suggest ways to elevate or alleviate those emotions.

At the end of 2015, household air freshener brand Glade launched The Museum of Feelings in New York City. The museum stimulated visitors’ senses in order to create emotional responses. These responses were then turned into data that influenced the museum’s installations and projections. Ultimately, the journey helped generate individual mood profiles that allowed Glade to recommend specific fragrances.

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