The report investigates the growing cohort of 50+ consumers in the MENA region.

The Innovation Group MENA has produced Generation BOLD, a report that investigates the growing cohort of 50+ consumers in the Middle East and North Africa.

Over-50s in this traditionally young region are a growing force to be reckoned with, and are reinventing cultural preconceptions about aging and retirement. This is a group that refuses to be sidelined by younger generations. That’s why we’ve called this study of contemporary MENA consumers in their 50s and 60s: Generation BOLD.

Magida El Roumi performing at Jounieh Festival, 2015
Maxime Chaya, adventurer

Currently representing 12% of the population in MENA Arab countries, this cohort is expected to grow by 42% from 2015 to 2025, yielding a projected population size of approximately 53 million. Taken together, Generation BOLD and its successor, Generation X, represent one-third of the region’s population—a huge untapped market.

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For this report, we conducted extensive desk research, in addition to a quantitative survey across six key regional markets—Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon and Kuwait—using SONAR™, J. Walter Thompson’s proprietary online tool. We surveyed 244 adults aged 50-69 (BOLDers) and 248 adults aged 35-49 (Generation X).

The 84-page report includes:

– A look at the contextual drivers and cultural factors changing the 50+ cohort in the Middle East.
– Generation BOLD by numbers: key statistics defining this group.
– Eight original case study interviews of Gen BOLDers across the region.
– Gen BOLD trends in well-being, shopping, travel and leisure, money, and fashion and beauty, with relevant examples from the MENA region.

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