We announce the first major agency report on Cuba since the normalization of US-Cuba diplomatic relations.

The Innovation Group, the futurism and trend forecasting consultancy of J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, and Mirum, the global digital agency, are excited to launch The Promise of Cuba, the first major agency report since the normalization of US-Cuba diplomatic relations to explore emerging opportunities for North American brands in the country.

Based on original research conducted in Cuba by a team of agency researchers in January 2016, The Promise of Cuba comes at a time when the general US public has never been more interested in the island, with President Barack Obama planning a historic visit on March 21st and 22nd.

The full report runs 78 pages, covering the nation’s economy, focusing on growth opportunities in tourism and technology, and is being excerpted in a panel at South by Southwest.

See here for the free executive summary:

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The full report covers:

The Economy: An executive summary on Cuba’s current economic situation, how it got there, and the chance for rapid growth.

Tourism: A deep dive into tourism, including analysis of Cuba as a vacation paradise for millennials in the coming years and decades.

The New Cuban Consumer: The emergence of a class society in Cuba and how this is reflected in consumer culture.

Technology: How Cubans have hacked their way into the 21st century, with smartphones that work without WiFi, and digital culture that thrives away from internet connections.

Overview of Havana. Photography by Todd Copilevitz

It also contains special sections on topics including:

Key Growth Sectors: Information on key sectors of the economy that are expected to grow if trade relations with the US are normalized.

Generation Upstart: The emergence of a new Cuban generation under 30, defined by their entrepreneurialism, sophisticated understanding of consumer culture, and determination to succeed despite restrictions on information and business activities in their country.

El Paquete: The “weekly package”—Cuba’s “offline internet”—and how it allows digital advertising to thrive even in a country that officially outlaws advertising.

Media Renaissance: A new crop of independent youth magazines chronicling the country’s underground arts and emerging commercial culture.

Click here to purchase the full report.

Cubaism tourism office owned by Nigel Hunt. Photography by Todd Copilevitz