Subscription box retail, Kraft's big experiment, Amazon's new live shopping show.

–The Vice title Broadly covers a new study from the Innovation Group, which finds that Generation Z is far more progressive on issues of sexuality and gender identity than their older millennial counterparts.

–Could bloated Las Vegas offer a way forward for sustainability? Wired looks at efforts to take the strip solar.

–Dollar Shave Club and Birchbox are the big winners as consumers flock toward subscription boxes as low-cost gifts, writes Warc.

–Kraft tested a healthier macaroni and cheese recipe on millions of unsuspecting consumers, and will base it’s new TV campaign on the idea that “it’s changed, but it hasn’t,” writes Ad Age.

–Amazon is edging in on QVC territory with a new live shopping show, Style Code Live, which will air at 9pm on weekday evenings (prime e-commerce time), writes Quartz.

–Expedia hopes to use its reams of data to sell travelers on vacations they didn’t know they wanted, says Bloomberg.

–Now that a computer has beaten a human master at Go, one of the most complex board games in the world, the New York Times asks whether “artificial intelligence is the real deal.”

– “Should girls be singled out and encouraged to pursue and stick with Stem careers, or is the best route to equality gender-blind?” The Financial Times probes the limits of gender neutrality.

–Fasting diets, long considered too extreme for most, are gaining mainstream acceptance, writes the New York Times.

–A new Canadian brand blends beauty with fitness, saying that wellness involves everything from “energizing the body before exercise to refreshing, relaxing and grooming it afterwards.” Via Wallpaper.

–Does the South Pacific plant kava have relaxing properties that could compete with alcohol? The New Yorker tries out new kava bars in search of “good clean fun.”

–As Brazil’s economy slides, Business of Fashion asks whether this summer offers an “Olympic opportunity” for fashion brands and retailers.

Featured image: Photography by Alexey Kuzma via Stocksy