"The supermarket must die," AI fashion, millennial couponing.

–Chefs are taking a poetic approach as they advance food design to new heights, writes Bloomberg.

–Millennials want a break from “adulting,” and Adweek has tips on how brands can help without coming off as pandering.

–“The supermarket must die. App-fueled services can kill it,” Wired says.

–With conversational commerce on the rise, the company that powered talking Barbie is shifting its focus to making chat bots sound more human, writes Fast Company.

–Millennials WILL find your online coupons, whether you want them to or not. Via eMarketer.

–Everyone’s buzzing about artificial intelligence—but how will it impact the fashion industry? Business of Fashion investigates.

–Furniture designer Tom Dixon joins a growing chorus of influencers declaring that “we have too much stuff now,” writes the Financial Times

–…and NPR reviews a new book that puts our collective “stuffocation” into broad historical context.

–Marine algae emerges as the latest proposed eco-friendly packaging alternative, writes Quartz.

–The $90bn luxury eyewear industry is ripe for disruption by the “mass cool” segment, among other challengers, writes the Financial Times.

–California’s newest (legal) cash crop is, you guessed it, marijuana. Via New York Times.

–Ikea creates a bike for the non-bike-lover, and Core 77 has the details.

–“A year after its launch, it’s now clear that pretty much no one needs an Apple Watch,” says Quartz.

–Insurance company John Hancock is giving customers cash incentives to eat better—will they work? Via USA Today.

–As activewear continues to boom, who are the next big players in the sector? Business of Fashion profiles key emerging brands.