Robotic groceries, Nike's sustainability agenda, advertising moves away from TV.

–Facing vacancies, malls are reinventing themselves as experience destinations, writes Business of Fashion.

–The latest cover of the New Yorker “comes to life” with the assistance of an augmented reality app—and so does a Qualcomm ad, writes Adweek.

–A robotic kiosk will be one of the main draws at 365 in Los Angeles, a new store that is to Whole Foods “what Old Navy is to the Gap.” Via New York Times.

–Nike’s bold 2020 growth agenda will now include ambitious sustainability commitments, the company has announced. Via Fortune.

–“What exactly constitutes an ad these days?” Whatever it is, increasingly it isn’t TV, writes New York Times.

–Condé Nast has created #TheLookIs, an initiative that unites its beauty expertise and coverage across a range of titles from Vogue to Vanity Fair in pursuit of advertising dollars, writes WWD.

–The US Food and Drug Administration is changing the definition of “healthy.” Via USA Today.

TechCrunch speculates on the future of customer service in an era of conversational commerce.

–”Apa Beauty’s dental line bridges the gap between oral care and cosmetics.” Via Wallpaper.

–Amazon will almost certainly become America’s top clothing retailer in 2017, a new study by Cowen and Company has found. Via Bloomberg.

–“A new generation of parents is shopping with the idea that pink and blue—along with robots, bunnies, dinosaurs, and unicorns—are for every child,” writes The Atlantic.

–Fashion “re-commerce” sites are preparing to battle it out amid a glut of investor dollars, writes Business of Fashion.

Newsweek catches on to the frank discussion of women’s menstrual cycles that is now sweeping advertising and marketing.

–More people are using virtual reality to visualize their future homes or redecorate their current ones, writes the New York Times.

–Hearst is investing more in Snapchat’s Discover section, creating pop-up channels across its numerous titles, writes Digiday.

–The US is well positioned as an early leader in the development of a new era of robotics, particularly when it comes to AI, writes the Financial Times.

–The Hyperloop reached a “major technology milestone” this week. Will three lines really be running by 2020? Via Wired.