The latest report from the Innovation Group Europe unpacks the relationship between control, innovation and consumer engagement.

Consumers are embracing the automated future. Exchanging data for utility, they are delegating an increasing amount of control over their lives to technology. Pioneering brands can harness smart technology to capitalize on this opportunity, delivering helpful solutions and fostering consumer empowerment.

Welcome to the Control Shift. To learn more, download the full report here, and see the following executive summary:

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Our in-depth, original report includes insights from a SONAR™ survey of 4,457 respondents in the UK, USA, China, Brazil, India, South Korea and Turkey, with a deep-dive into UK and US consumer attitudes.

Original data highlights include:

– 54% of global millennials would be willing to hand over some decision-making
– 74% of global respondents say “Technology puts me in control”
– 92% of Britons and Americans would like more control over who can access their data and what they do with it
– In the UK and US, consumers care more about brands’ management of their personal data than price
– JWT Analytics forecasts that more than half the world will be concerned about the internet eroding their personal privacy by 2018

Download the full report here.

Kamil Kotarba explores the isolation and detachment provoked by technology in his Hide and Seek series, 2014-2015.
New Zealand artist Julian Oliver's Transparency Grenade (2012) captures data anonymously and releases it online, a metaphorical take on corporate data privacy and the explosive impact when it is breached.
Face Cages by Zach Blas, 2013 - 2015. Part of the Big Bang Data exhibition at the Somerset House (Dec 03, 2015 to Mar 20, 2016).