Tinder for art, Bumble for jobs, Shazam for fonts

–Spice Girls’ 1996 hit ‘Wannabe’ has been repurposed as an anthem for feminist empowerment, as girls around the world share #WhatIReallyReallyWant: Equality, education and more. Via The Telegraph.  

–Designers like Tommy Hilfiger are creating “adaptive” clothing for the disabled, filling a “void in the market” the Wall Street Journal reports.

–Dating app Bumble is launching a networking service that allows job seekers to swipe right. Via TechCrunch.

–Play gets phygital: The board game Koski uses mixed reality to let children design worlds and then interact with them. Via Fast Company.

–Is this the Shazam for fonts? A handheld prototype called Spector captures typefaces and colors in the real world and transfers them directly to InDesign, says Wired. 

–Do consumers need a dedicated spot to resell unwanted subscription box items? The Aftermarket says yes, writes WWD.

Casinos are using video-game gambling to reel in millennials, says the New York Times.

–Shooting stars: The world’s smallest astrophotography camera is set to launch on Indiegogo, complete with an AR star map and built-in WiFi. Via The Verge.

Wydr, the “Tinder for art”, is reimagining the art market for millennials and artists alike, Vice reports.

–A UK startup is developing an AI doctor that analyzes symptoms and predicts illnesses through a $7 app. Via MIT Technology Review.

NPR examines the “queer kitchen” and how LGBTQ history has shaped modern food culture.

–Why is Apple’s patent that blocks iPhones from recording video at concerts so dangerous? Slate investigates.

–The lifting of economic sanctions in Iran has caused a boom in architecture, and Dezeen rounds up 11 of the best examples. 

–Solar power helped create the first ‘smart village’ in rural India, BBC reports.