The Billion Dollar Shave Club, blue algae drinks, live video gets political.

–Between crowdsourcing, co-working and ride-sharing, tech is reinforcing the temporary ownership of objects. “The Keeper,” a new exhibit at the New Museum in New York, tracks our evolving relationship with objects through a series of collections and photographs. Via New York Times.

–Warby Parker just released limited-edition sunglasses only available to the brand’s Snapchat followers, writes TechCrunch.

–Facebook has poured resources into live video streaming. But can it handle the political repercussions? Bloomberg investigates.

Recode explores how Dollar Shave Club created a viral video four years ago that translated into a $1 billion sale to Unilever this week.

–I’m Blue: Well + Good discusses why blue algae “lattes” are Australia’s hottest health trend.

–Tinder Social moves the app towards social planning, helping users meet new friends and plan for nights out. The Next Web investigates.

–Airbnb is going after business travelers, and the New York Times has the details.

 –Blind (Pokémon) Dating: Pokédates is the newest dating app where matchmakers set up singles to play Pokémon Go, Fortune reports.

–Why is this restaurant making popsicles with bone broth? Via Mic.

–Dove featured genderqueer model Rain Dove in its latest campaign for female empowerment, along with a plus-size fashion blogger and a female boxer. Via Mic, the first comedy streaming service, recently launched to bring Pandora-style comedy streaming to the mobile phone. Via TechCrunch.

–Borderless shopping comes to the UK, as British supermarket Waitrose becomes the first to sell its products worldwide through the British Corner Store. Via Bloomberg

–Online novels are so popular in China they’re shaping film, TV series and gaming. Via the Wall Street Journal