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The Un-Tabooing of Womanhood

Miley Cyrus poses on the red carpet with underarm hair. Chinese Olympian Fu Yuanhui shatters convention by speaking candidly about her period.  Newsweek’s cover on menstrual equality loudly proclaims, “THERE WILL BE BLOOD.”

In an era of new-wave feminism, women are breaking down social taboos. Topics like menstruation, body hair, the female orgasm and more are all up for discussion. A new generation of outspoken heroines is informing art, marketing and the media as Internet-first feminism reaches critical mass. How can brands navigate this new set of rules and the evolving definition of “edgy”? We’ll explore it here.

Pam Grossman, director of visual trends at Getty Images, and Jane Helpern, a columnist and brand expert who is a regular contributor to i-D and Into The Gloss, joins Lucie Greene, worldwide director of the Innovation Group, for this panel discussion.

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The Political Is Personal

From Beyoncé to Emma Watson, the celebrity activity du jour is political activism. But it’s not just celebrities: Seismic political events in the US and the UK are giving birth to a highly politicized consumer. One that sees the world through the lens of personal circumstance, turning a critical eye to perceived injustices.

It’s a new challenge for brands to exist in this climate. In the age of social media, anyone can be called out in an instant for failing to address diversity and inclusion. Beyond the news cycle, a generation of highly politicized generation Z activists stand at the ready to drive this trend forward into the future.

How will the language that brands use evolve to meet the needs of the political consumer? And how can brands succeed and stand out in the climate? That’s what our panelists will discuss.

Sarah Wood, co-CEO of video ad tech company Unruly, will explore the relationship between digital video and the political phenomenon using original insights and data. Carol Vernallis, a preeminent scholar on the political evolution of Beyoncé, will speak on media and culture. The Innovation Group’s Shepherd Laughlin will moderate.

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Black Lives Matter protest in New York City
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WEB_Hillary Clinton in Cincinnati, June 2016. Photography by Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America
Hillary Clinton in Cincinnati, June 2016. Photography by Barbara Kinney for Hillary for America