China's global brands, digital cash, Zara goes green.

–At the London Design Festival, designers are experimenting with electronics that blend seamlessly into hand-crafted home goods. Via Dezeen.

–Ikea’s new “Dining Club” in London lets shoppers rent out a DIY restaurant, hoping to “bring people together to enjoy a meal from beginning to end,” said a manager. Via Refinery29.

–China’s biggest brands, including WeChat, are positioned to expand their reach outside of the country, with an eye on global brand awareness, Marketing Week writes.

–What happens to spending as cash becomes increasingly digitized? Recode investigates.

–Zara is the latest retailer to launch a sustainable line, raising the question of how well fast fashion and sustainability can coexist. Via Glossy.

–According to interviews conducted at the Mall of America, a large swath of Americans self-identifies as middle class, Bloomberg reports.

–New startups are bringing gender-neutral shoes, underwear and button-downs to the mainstream, fueled by a loyal online shopping base. Via Fast Company.

–The US government has thrown its support behind self-driving cars, opening up the possibility for the technology to hit the road in the near future. Via Engadget.

–The newest amenity hotels are offering? Customized graffiti art. The New York Times has the story.

–Tinder invested in Vina, a social network for women to meet friends, further expanding its reach beyond the romantic swipe. Via TechCrunch.

–The New York Times investigates, a social network courting users even younger than middle school.

–Young Europeans are leading a revolution in online grocery shopping, with close to 45% of the continent’s millennials opting to skip the store. Via FoodBev.

–Tourist hub Orlando will soon have a new attraction: a planned city designed exclusively for health and wellness. Via the New York Times.

–Retailers are targeting grown-up comic book fans, with high-end Batman jackets and Marvel-themed suits. Via Racked.