Brexit woes, Latino California, the Facebook Workplace

–Instagram star James Charles will join CoverGirl as the brand’s first male spokesmodel, echoing today’s “you do you” culture. Via AdAge.

–A new report from the McKinsey Global Institute found that 20 to 30 percent of US and UK workers are part of the gig economy. One third of those participate out of necessity.

–In London, Brexit hits consumers as Unilever and Tesco sparred over the fluctuating value of the pound, the Wall Street Journal reports.

–The launch of Facebook’s new Workplace platform means “the blurring of enterprise and social networks has come full circle,” writes The New Yorker.

–At 68% Latino, Santa Ana reflects the face of the rising Latino influence in California, where “there’s no attempt to whitewash the city anymore.” Via the New York Times.

–Will Vice’s nightly news show reshape the evening news for millennials? Probably not, Recode predicts, but they’ll still tune in.

–Does facial recognition software guarantee the privacy of its users? A Moscow-based firm has some questioning the downsides of the technology, the Wall Street Journal writes.

–Chinese lenders are using search histories, social media and even home life to asses the creditworthiness of what’s been called the globe’s “largest untapped consumer finance market,” writes the New York Times.

–This cuddly toy uses augmented reality to help explain illnesses to children and reduce hospital stress. Via Fast Company.

–The Smell of Data taps our reaction to gas leaks by creating a metallic fragrance for data leaks, which is released when a device encounters an unprotected network. Via Dezeen.

–What does this year’s Golden Week have in store for China’s luxury sellers? Jing Daily reports.

–Remote Year, a startup which moves participants to a different city and country each month, raised $12 million on the proposition that “people are more creative and productive when they’re inspired by their surroundings.” Via Tech Crunch.

Photo credit: Lacey Terrell for CoverGirl