Self-driving beer, fiber cities, Twitch TV.

–”The most Instagrammable billboard in the world” will soon be erected on Sunset Boulevard, blurring the lines between advertising, social media, and interactive content. Via Dezeen.

–Google Express, Google’s Amazon competitor that offers same-day shipping in metro areas with no annual fee, now covers 90% of the US, according to TechCrunch.

–Otto, Uber’s self-driving truck company, drove 120 miles to complete its first delivery: 2,000 cases of beer. Via the New York Times.

Motherboard visits Chattanooga, the first city in the US with a citywide fiber internet network, which transformed the city into a thriving start-up hub.

–Live gaming network Twitch has been steadily expanding its programming. The latest, writes the Verge, is a live cooking show from 2012’s Food Network Star winner.

Pokemon Go has upped the ante for Halloween offering huge bonuses just as mass interest was trailing off. Via Forbes.

–Kodak enters the smartphone market with a “photography-first” phone designed to feel like a DSLR, Dezeen writes.

Fast Company proposes “perennials,” the “ever-blooming, relevant people of all ages,” as an alternative to today’s pervasive “millennial” marketing mindset.

–The founder of the nation’s first transgender jobs program hopes the practice will spread throughout California, calling the movement “a civil rights issue.” Via Grubstreet.

–Zuvaa is a fashion e-commerce site that showcases “the beauty and vibrancy of Africa,” drawing from authentic African brands rather than gimmicky fashion labels. Via Mic.

–Doppler’s new Hear One earbuds, available in 2017, give listeners unprecedented control over the audio around them. Via the Verge.

–Can Loop bridge the gap between streaming content and the grandparent generation? Via TechCrunch.