Start-ups are releasing health apps that promote a wider view of wellbeing.

Mission 360, launched October 2016, is an online wellness platform that offers streaming access to a wide range of classes, including fusion fitness for the body, meditation for the mind, and even reiki healing and happiness lessons for the spirit.

“Right now YogaGlow has amazing yoga content and Peloton obviously owns the cycling market,” says Erin Sykes, Mission 360 founder. “There’s a mass of information out there but no one has consolidated it into one platform yet. That’s my goal with Mission 360.”

Mission 360 website

The platform also offers an à la carte coaching session made bespoke per individual requirement, which even includes career coaching for those looking to make professional transitions. The self-empowering platform is aimed at consumers with demanding work schedules, those constantly on the go, and new moms—essentially, those whose schedules require 24-hour access to personalized wellbeing options.

Mission 360 is part of a new wave of apps that help users achieve wellness at home. Launched in summer 2016, BurnAlong is an online video platform that allows users to exercise from home with friends and instructors from around the world, with the goal of bringing a sense of community to exercising at home. Lift launched in 2015 and enables members to personalize fitness programs for their specific needs, whether they’re training for a marathon or just looking to de-stress.

“A few years ago people just wanted to run on a treadmill and that was enough,” says Sykes. “But now people are actively seeking a 360-degree, holistic approach to fitness.”

Lift Session

Fitness apps receive on average 50,000 daily downloads in the United States, according to a September 2016 report by SurveyMonkey Intelligence. Meanwhile, a 2015 study by Makovsky/Kelton found that 66% of Americans would use an app to manage health-related issues. And a 2015 SONAR™ study by the Innovation Group found that 40% of US millennials said they use a fitness app or website to track diet and fitness.

Health-conscious consumers have long been turning to health and fitness apps to reach personal goals and monitor wellbeing, but each app typically offers one-dimensional support. These more holistic platforms aim to fill in the gaps.