Amazon cleaning, the ultra-luxe Airbnb, protein hype.

–The hospitality industry in America is appealing to young, cost-conscious travelers with a new wave of hostels and shared hotel rooms opening across the country, writes the New York Times.

–Heavily polluted air in China and India has created a demand for bottled air, Fortune writes. Says one manufacturer, “The smog is definitely our best advertising.”

–Amazon is now offering a cleaning service in its hometown of Seattle via a “home assistants” button on the website, according to The Times.

–A new travel start-up called Le Collectionist is “your ultra-luxe Airbnb alternative”, Condé Nast Traveler writes.

–Move aside, whole grains and fiber. According to Bloomberg, “’protein’ has become code for ‘healthy’” for many US consumers.

–Snapchat is now selling its Spectacles, a pair of camera-connected sunglasses, in pop-up vending machines around the country. Via the Verge.

–Ikea’s latest showroom highlights the reality and discomfort of the Syrian crisis by replicating a real home one in its flagship store in Norway. Via AdWeek.

–British industrial design company Dyson plans to open its own university in 2017, to promote UK design and tech education. Via Dezeen.

–NastyGal, the trendy online shopping site with $300 million in revenue last year, just filed for bankruptcy. Via Apparel News.

–Luxury diamond company De Beers’ ethical lab-grown diamonds are a mounting challenge to the diamond industry, says The Wall Street Journal.

–From Colombia to Thailand, female entrepreneurs around the world are empowering each other and “carving out their own ideas of success”, Broadly writes.